Tistung Trip – Beautiful Nepal Explored Again

“Nepal is a beautiful country.” – This is one of the most obvious sentences which every one of us might have learnt, memorized and written. I still remember our Grade Five English teacher would begin with this statement while teaching us how to write an essay on the topic “Our Country Nepal”. The moments I could just imagine and visualize the beautiful snowy mighty mountains and yellowish paddy grown vast plains as explained in our Social Studies and Nepali text books since I had never been there.

Being born and raised up in the lap of handsome hills, I was very well known to tall hilly peaks, magical meadows on the heights, woods filled with rhododendron, giant white brownish stones, terraced cornfields, and small beautiful thatched houses built with mud and stones. Most part of Nepal is characterized by the same features as my village has – each time I reach such a place I feel like my own home. Like anything someone owns, I am never done adoring the incredible hills. In the recent past, Tistung trip was one of the closest moments I could feel my home, romance with the serene beauty of nature – fell in love with the beautiful Nepal once again.


The first glimpse of our destination, Tistung looked no different from any other hilly village. It is where the resort we were to stay during our trip (Om Adhyay Retreat) is located. The resort was the only building with a modern design, technology and infrastructure. Firstly, I thought there was nothing new for me since I was from one of the similar sites. A newly found village trail (road network), terraced potato fields, small mud houses scattered in some distance from each other, they all are very common things a hilly area can have. That moment, I didn’t know the place had a lot for me to explore…. Eventually, it left me thrilled and amazed.

Here is how I enjoyed different aspects of the trip in brief:

Boating at Indrasarovar Lake, Kulekhani, Makawanpur


Like everyone else, I do love water but I am upset whenever it feels like I have hydrophobia. I envy aquatics for such a beautiful life – away from smoke and dust. It’s not only that, I am seriously jealous of those who can swim, since I cannot. It’s not that I didn’t try to learn but I never did enough. The moment we reached at the banks of Indrasarovar Lake through dusty rough road (7 km from the resort), it was a relief! The smell of blue green water instantly caught our full attention; we were on the boats in no time after taking just a few snaps on the bank. Soon after the captain started to paddle, we were cheering, clicking, and throwing water at anyone in our boat or another. It was a lot of fun. The moment I touched the water with my own palms or was wet to the skin, it was pleasant – feel of nature. I wonder how it would feel when it rains.

Sightseeing from Bhede farm


Bhede farm had no special asset, yet being on the top of a range of hilly meadow gave an immense pleasure. It is probably I found my own past site in it – Small Sunita with a dozen of goats grazing. No matter what you cherish your childhood memories.

A lone tree was there which we accompanied in each of the snaps we took there. The large extensive grassland in the middle of a low-lying forest around looked beautiful. The view of sunset was incredible – some of our friends were busy making poses with the golden setting sun. Frankly we took too many photographs – I never fail to escape a cameraperson, “Hey, click one of mine.” And then, it goes a series of clicks.

Hiking to Mulabari


Hiking is something exciting, a thrilling experience for many of the city-based people and those from the plains whereas it is a part of day to day life in hilly regions. Walking up and down, crossing small streams, collecting fodder and wood with Doko on the back are very common chores we everyday do – there lies the simplicity and complexity of rural lives.

And, the hiking was yet another great time – walked three hours up along a hilly forest following small trail that finally reached us Mulabari. The last blossoms of rhododendrons somehow relieved from the boiling heat, thirst and sweating body we all had. Mulabari was yet another highland filled with green short grasses. We took a number of photographs there and then declined to the resort again through the beautiful villages.

Great Food and Hospitality at Resort


I have clearly mentioned in the about section that none of the posts here do intend anything commercial however I couldn’t simply skip ignoring something commercial about the trip. I really loved the dishes we were served at Om Adhyay Resort – I honestly rate every food 5 points out of 5 total scores. And last but not the least, hospitality was superb. All the time, I felt as a VIP guest being there. 😀

P.S. The resort has well-equipped and well managed living rooms and there are  lot of things around to roam with – girls took snaps on every nook and corner.

Hope for Nepal – Entrepreneurship


I was touched by one of Rabindra Mishra’s statements about the NRNs – “The achievements of the NRNs do matter/ mean something to us (Nepalese) when they are somehow connected to our lives except just as the news”. The reason I am quoting him here is because I felt the similar type of initiative by the owner of the resort. Arjun sir is connecting his achievements back to the place he is originally from. The opening of the resort in the village has surely created a lot of opportunities for the locality and the village is now a tourist destination. If each of the achievers in the metro cities of Nepal or NRNs do the similar, there would be probably no beauty left wasted, un-adored in Nepal. Indeed, Nepal is beautiful.

And, I set a new dream again!

Highlights of the Trip (Date: 24th & 25th March, 2016)

Day 1: 

  • Kathmandu to TISTUNGadventurous motor biking
  • Boating in Kulekhani
  • Sightseeing in Markhu / Bhedefarm
  • Anniversary Program
  • Campfire, Music and Dancewith snacks and drinks

Day 2: 

  • Sunrise viewfrom the resort
  • Games and fun at pond side
  • Hiking to Mulabari, great hangout with nature!
  • Checkout and back to Kathmandu!

Note: The complete trip was organized by Access Keys in its 5th anniversary (1 Night 2 Days of full refreshment at Om Adhyay Retreat)

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