To my Dad, In the name of Love

Daddy, I love you!

Thank you so much for your immense love….

Your girl wouldn’t be a free bird today if you were not my dear daddy. I found a way in life…..

There is light on my journey today because of what you did, in the name of love……

Not everyone is lucky for hundreds of kisses and hugs every day. And of hundreds of ‘I love you.’ whispers wouldn’t be in everybody’s fate. I can’t tell how lucky I was with all these offerings everyday. No doubt, I am the luckiest daughter in this world whose dad would do anything for his small girl.

I know you begged to your boss – to pay you salary in advance so that you could buy a pretty dress for your little princess on her birthday. I know begging would be a lot hurtful for my dad who believed in giving instead. You fought with the baker for making an ugly cake for your love’s special day however I believe it was not that bad – good enough for your daughter.

I have seen you fighting with everyone – who unfortunately failed to handle your naughty child on their palms. I know they never intended to hurt me, but they couldn’t care me as much as you could.

I remember many times when mummy took little more time to change my wet diapers and the most worried person was you. Sometimes, I turned my whole body a mess, my entire clothes full of dirt and water. Sometimes, I would reach anywhere on a chair, table, door, stair, toilet, kitchen and even knives – my dad was the one to scream at everyone around the loudest.

I thought that you were the best dad anyone could have. The 18 years of my life were the best time in my entire life because of you dad.


Things changed in the nineteenth year. Your princess was now a QUEEN of the king you had chosen.

I was no more a princess…


I do remember how desperately you wanted his promises of love for me. I could never imagine someone like you could be so weak someday…. You had been a hero since I knew my existence.

Since that day, I started believing on him because you had told me to do so. Like you told, I began to live with him, for him….

And like everyone said, I started being a bride, daughter-in-law, and a wife…..

So, I thought I had to do everything mom did to you as a wife. Yeah, I completely gave my whole to him.. I became entirely his – moreover broke up with you, mom, and everyone I grew up with. I thought everything his was mine now.

Now my daily routine was just like mom had. I thought it’s the way things go – not knowing any other alternative way.

Yeah, I remained quiet when he would ask me why I was not done with work when he returned from office. Though my hands were not free even for a moment, I had no answer. Why would I? – I had seen you asking the same to mom. How can I think my dad could be wrong?

Though I wouldn’t answer him, I had an answer for myself – to remember my childhood.

I would see mom working all the time; kitchen, cooking, cleaning, washing, planting, and so… In addition, I was the biggest task on her plate. She was really tired in the evening – with a pale and weary face… Then you would ask her who was she busy with all day long….

Then, you would ask water, tea and coffee instant…. A minute delay would be another reason you would be upset with mom.

Then, you would grumble how busy you had been…  But I never saw you working, dad. Whenever I saw you, you would be lying down and giving order to mom. You would be with tens of your friends – partying and gambling during weekends.

And there were yet some questions for mom to answer after those uncles had gone… I sometimes heard her complaining but most often she was quiet as always she always was.

Yes, I didn’t respond him whenever he would ask me nonsense stuff. He had to tell all the bad things after he was back home drunk. He would take his own friends’ names and ask my relation with them. He would ask the things I never imagined.

I remained all quiet because I had seen the same with mom… He was doing just the same you would do… I didn’t oppose at all because he was just the way my dad was…… In the name of love!

But he is not as kind as you are, dad…

He has a new queen now.

Now, I wonder


You had fed me like mom did,

You had changed my dirty clothes,

You had changed my napkins,

You had cooked for me instead of shouting at mom,


I would have probably asked him to help me,

I would have probably answered him what I was doing all day long,

I would have questioned him what he was involved with,

I would have felt what wrong was he doing with me.

And  this disaster wouldn’t have come in my life.

I know you never wished your daughter be dumped this way…. But, it happened to be……..

Daddy, I have no regrets, though – I am your PRINCESS again….

confident woman

I finally discovered myself.

Now, I am free, full of flight and able to fight…

So I plan to pay for your love, dad… I won’t be able to repay you, though….

I want to make sure that no dad will have a misfortune like you had….. I will help young dads so that they don’t have to see ruined life of their princesses… Yes dad, this is my promise – in the name of LOVE!

 I finally could share it!

I had various types of emotions while she (my friend) was narrating this to me. I was just speechless…

I have tried to write it just the way she narrated to me, however I am pretty sure it’s not as interesting as I heard from her..

Anyways, she has her way finally!

Everything that happens to us has a reason and that happens for the BEST!

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