Tistung Trip – Beautiful Nepal Explored Again

“Nepal is a beautiful country.” – This is one of the most obvious sentences which every one of us might have learnt, memorized and written. I still remember our Grade Five English teacher would begin with this statement while teaching us how to write an essay on the topic “Our Country Nepal”. The moments I could just imagine and visualize the beautiful snowy mighty mountains … Continue reading Tistung Trip – Beautiful Nepal Explored Again


Planning Vacations: Think Nepal

This post is edited (minimum) version of a article which I had posted on Ezine Articles.com back in April 2015.  The world knows that Nepal is a small but beautiful country often called as the “miniature paradise” lying on the lap of mighty mountain ranges, the Himalayas, having the highest point on earth. The geographical location of Nepal is in the South East of the … Continue reading Planning Vacations: Think Nepal